Safely monitor your inventory levels in silos or tanks when sensor technology is unreliable. Knowing your inventory levels effects your bottom line. When properly used, thermal imaging can reveal not only the liquid/gas interface, but also sludge buildup and floating materials such as waxes and foams. When liquids are combined outside safety parameters thermal detection can be critical to plant safety. Avoid potentially dangerous situations by using thermal imaging.


  • Chemical silos are used for static storage, mixing, and transport of both raw materials and finished chemical products

  • Chemical containers can be impacted by temperature, structural integrity, mix ratio, which all can be monitored with thermal imaging and radiometric analysis

  • Chemicals can become volatile when mix ratios fall outside listed parameters

  • Thermal cameras can predict/prevent combustion and hazardous conditions resulting in plant and worker safety

  • Thermal technology enables chemical plants to observe inventory levels in opaque chemical tanks or silos.

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