Product Description


The military grade Lumistar ThermalShield™ enclosure, designed for an ideal fixed installation of infrared cameras. The ThermalShield™ is made with high-grade stainless steel construction and is waterproof with an Ingress Protection rating of 67. The bulletproof stainless steel construction is made for corrosive and other volatile environments which would typically destroy standard aluminum enclosures.

The lens of the enclosure, only available at Lumistar Camera, is made out of a solid piece of very sensitive heat transferable material which is the ideal lens material so as not to lose image quality. Lumistar's ThermalShield™ lenses are warp free, absent of elements that are commonly used in this application which warps from heat over time, causing a distorted image. A custom designed optional mesh-guard is integrated in front of the lens for enhanced protection. The thermalShield™ has optional mounting bracket choices that meet all your needs.

ThermalShield™ Features


  • Fixed camera enclosure
  • High-grade bulletproof stainless steel construction for hostile environments
  • Ingress Protection of 67: Defined as highest level of protection from dust, and immersion in up to 1 meter of water
  • Multiple mounting options including wall, corner and pole mounts
  • Available in multiple sizes to accommodate for 99.9% of all camera sizes
  • Proprietary coated high quality lenses providing the sharpest optics available
  • Optional custom mesh guard is integrated into the Thermalshield™ to increase protection against direct hits from objects that might damage the window.
  • Optional internal thermo-static heater to protect your infrared camera's electronics from condensation due to severe outside frigid temperatures


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