In areas where safety and security are your highest priority you can depend on the SR1 Phoenix. The most advanced surveillance device available today, the SR1 Phoenix combines the advantages of thermal imaging technology with the latest in artificial intelligence to bring your security to the next level. This imager can be used stand alone or combined with your current CCTV security system to alert you to potential threats even when your human staff are looking in another direction. Recent studies have shown that on average an experienced professional can only effectively monitor four video feeds for fifteen minutes before their effectiveness rapidly declines. The SR1 Phoenix is always on and can monitor an infinite number of points within your designated perimeter. It is designed to alert you if an intruder is hiding behind the hedges, out of visible sight, by reading his body heat. The SR1 will only alert you if an intruder or other specified event occurs, no false alarms like weather-related events, acts of nature, or non-human related moving targets. The SR1 is designed to protect you and your family with the added insurance of its artificial intelligence capabilities.


  • Eliminating the weakest link in your security system by having a backup or primary automated monitoring system to alert homeowner of unwanted perimeter breach

  • System program eliminates the need for human monitoring

  • Use of this artificial intelligence allows the system to distinguish between a threat and non-threat

  • The system can tell the difference between the heat signature of a neighbors pet, human intruder, or automobile

  • With high definition license plate readers you always know who's coming and going

  • Advanced video archiving and management



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